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The premier podcast and media platform out of Houston Texas for ALL men and women to voice opinions, spread love, and become individual cultivators of the podcast landscape. Listen to our celebrity interviews and  testimonies from Houstonians who have joined the HPOV media network


you ain't gotta lie to kick it. 


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What exactly is a "podcast"? well the answer varies...a podcast is a collection, and compilation of ideas, thoughts, and opinions, given to the people by the people. but the real question is what is hpov?

we are a multi-functional media venture which creates and develops digital content from the city of houston, which ranges from festival and event coverage, to celebrity and rapper interviews, to socially conscience panel discussions and debates, and true life stories from the men and women of houston to help the youth through our experiences. available on all audio and video streaming platforms.


They did it themselves, too, building what you hear sonically from Internet and pawnshop searches for recording equipment, and what you hear thematically from “Texas-sized hearts and Texas-sized work ethics,”
— http://www.houstonpress.com/authors/jesse-sendejas-jr-6357474

hpov media network was created to give  entrepreneurs, entertainers, cultural INNOVATORS, and youth motivators from the city a digital vehicle to use their voice and experiences to grow their business and CAPTIVATE a constantly growing digital market.

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You know that feeling you get when you hear a song or speech, or read an inspirational quote that hits you in a way you can't explain? It leaves you wanting to find something... You don't know what yet, but you start looking anyway...Searching for that “thing” that matches that “feeling”... So beautiful, so...Important to you. This is the "point of view" that can created by anyone with passion