AntiLilly’s how-to guide for Houston artists to step into 2018. (Literally)

Houston is definitely one big melting pot... from rock and roll artists, to drank induced multi-colored Uzi Verts, Houston has it all. But what about the real rappers? What about the artists who quit their 9 - 5 jobs to pursue a dream of becoming the next Tupac, Biggie, or Nas? Are they here too? Can you see them just as easily as the new lil Yachty from the 3rd Ward? probably not...

Now this doesn't mean the new lil pump from Houston doesn't deserve all the acclaim and shine he/she gets (even though it may appear easy, none of the rap game is handed to you), it does mean there isn't a particularly good balance between the two powers... let's call them Ying (True to the art Hip Hop artists) and Yang (New age rap featuring Migos). 

Artists like Le$, DeLorean, and Tobe Nwigwe are just a few I can think of at the top of my head who decided on a more aggressive approach and carve out their own lane in the Houston streets regardless of the how the market perceived them, Truly genius in my opinion... But this article is the dissect the assumed assumption that out of 6,000,000.00+ people in the city

(which at least 3/4 of this number is either trying to become a rapper or already uploaded a song or two into SoundCloud and changed their Instagram name to New Hotness 713)

 only THREE or FOUR actually are actively engaged in the art of becoming a MC rapper.


Being from Houston and knowing the city's history and culture I couldn't sleep believing this to be true...And that's when I stumbled upon rapper Anti-Lilly and Envy Hunter.

The confidence showed throughout Anti-Lilly’s projects is in my opinion the true embodiment of what it means to be a Houston rapper. True to self, regardless of what the current Houston rap market is producing. The Lee Morgan-like Jazz vibe is intoxicating to the ear, allowing the listener to feel Antililly’s words and visually sense the nature of Houston's musical history. The project "Its nice outside "(Released in 2016) is an Ode to vintage rap albums that required at least ONE person in the room to know real music, and actually use this skill to his/her advantage.  There will always be a fan for this type of music in the city... No matter how new and evolved the culture becomes. there will always be fans of Hip Hop who want their favorite rapper to catch a vibe over the DOPEST of french horns and brass Tenors. 



Devante (Formally known as 'Envy Hunter') Is a bit of a different case, in a good way. Currently three tapes deep '(Living out my Suitcase', and 'Beautiful Imperfections') his latest project 'Still Waiting' (released in 2017) tells a tale of a young man with a lot of talent and enough heart to be the next up at bat in the roster of top Houston artists in 2018. Keep your eye on this kid. It says a lot for a fairly new artist with little music to break through the market the way Devante has. His lyrical ability alone can set a new trend in the rap market for the city..Leading most likely to a target on his back. 

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Envy hunter